Randy Willis

I wrote this in my novel Destiny. My opinion has not changed since I was sixteen; in this photo.
I grew up on the Old Danbury Road three miles from Angleton, surrounded by the Saltgrass Country, rice-farms, cows, horses, dogs, and various places to hunt and fish! I thought I was in Heaven. My sister hated it.
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I was once told a story of a woman who wanted to know what her son would become.
She put what little money she had on her kitchen table, along with a bottle of liquor and a Bible. As her son approached their home, she hid in a closet. She figured if he took the money, he’d be a gambler; if he drank the whiskey, he’d be a drunkard, and if he picked up the Bible, he might just become a preacher.
When the boy saw all this, he picked up the money quickly and stuffed it into his pockets; he then drank the entire bottle of the Devil’s poison; and, finally, he put the Word of God under his right arm and staggered out the door. The mother exclaimed, “Oh, no, a politician.”

Randy Willis, Destiny a novel #randywillis

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