Randy Willis


Destiny was inspired by true stories handed down by Randy Willis’s ancestors.

The trilogy was revised and expanded in 2019. Three Winds Blowing, for instance, is sixty pages longer than the original. Louisiana Wind and Beckoning Candle were rewritten and lengthen, too.

Destiny includes the biography of Joseph Willis as an appendix.

In these four books in one, Joseph Willis discovers the answers to four questions: 1) His origin—how did his life come to be in the first place? 2) Meaning—to what purpose was he born? 3) Morality—what is right and what is wrong? And 4) His destiny—what will happen to him in his journey of life and when he dies?


Destiny is a sweeping family saga that spans four centuries. It is the story of two great nations, and the true story of Randy Willis’s ancestor’s struggle from tyranny—religious and political.

Destiny is available on Amazon at this link https://www.amazon.com/dp/1733567402

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